Frequently Asked Questions 

Is all Shea Butter yellow?
No! All shea butter is not yellow. Most shea butters are cream colored or beige to medium yellow. Try not to base your knowledge of shea butter by colour first. Look at quality and texture.
Does Shea Butter smell?
No! Shea Butter does not smell. It has a natural smoky nutty scent. If you are familiar with shea butter you will recognize the scent. This scent is natural so it does not linger when applied to skin or hair. 
Should Shea Butter be refrigerated? How should it be stored?
No! There is no need to refrigerate shea butter. It will only get hard & cold. You want your shea butter soft enough to apply to your skin. Shea butter should be stored like all other skin & hair products. In a cool dry place away from heat. However, if you have a larger amount of unrefined shea butter or not going to use your butter for a while you can store in the fridge.
Can Shea Butter be heated?
Yes! Shea Butter can be heated. But you should know what you are doing. If you do not know what you are doing then don't. When you purchase shea butter ask your vendor what to do if you are not sure. Do not go by what others around you have said or are doing with their shea butter (unless you trust them & they know what they are doing) If you overheat your shea butter you can still use it but it will not be that beneficial. This is where it gets grainy and very hard.
Can Shea Butter be used by anyone?
Yes! That is the beauty of shea butter. It can be used by anyone in any climate. Because it is natural, it can be used several times a day. Morning, afternoon or night from hair to toe. 
Where does Shea & I butter originate from?
Our shea butter comes Ghana, West Africa. We fair trade with a major hard working women's cooperative. The business is owned & operated by women who have been in the shea butter business long before it became a household name.